Seraph Boudicca

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Seraph Boudicca
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IC Information
Full Name: Seraph Boudicca (aka the Beast of Lohgrin)
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): Three hundred years or more.
Hometown: Lohgrin..?
Hair Colour: Dark brown with light green tips
Class: Oracle of Moor Gault
Role: Drifter
Bounty: 0 Gella
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Voice: Atsuko Tanaka (JP) / Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (EN)
Player: The Iron Giant

"I am finding there is little simplicity to be found in any world."

The Wind Seraph Boudicca was raised in isolation, and came to be known to mankind as the Beast of Lohgrin, an animate statue of the Black Dragon which occupied the mountains south-west of Lohgrin. The Beast of Lohgrin was known for protecting those humans who dwelt close to her mountain... and for keeping any of them from passing into the wild swamplands beyond the mountains, by force, if necessary. Althena's return and announcement of a new Lord of Calamity drew her down from her mountains into the world of Man, where she discovered she was not alone - and despite her archaic turn of phrase and sense of remove from humanity, she realised she was far from the oldest thing on Lunar. She is often anxious, frequently awkward, frustratingly overbearing, and struggles to handle emotional turmoil, but her kindness and enthusiasm for humanity always shines through. Recently, an Oracle pact with the Fire Guardian Moor Gault left her vessel melted down to an unusable state - and so, for the first time in over two hundred years, she is walking the worlds as Boudicca once more. She is learning just how complex the world of Man can be... and just how strong the people within are. So, too, has she come to learn that the spirit of humanity is no different on Filgaia than on Lunar, and this is the core of her devotion to the people of Filgaia's safety, far from Althena's protection and afflicted by the maladies of her world.


"I want to help them."

The Beast of Lohgrin haunted the mountains south of Lohgrin for two centuries, and then it turned out that creature was actually a Seraph, and that Seraph turned out to be Boudicca, and Boudicca is making waves as an Oracle these days. That's basically it, right?

Powers and Abilities

  • Wooden tonfa, polished to a shine. Thonk!
  • Wind-elemental Seraph magic - both white and black. Woosh!
  • Fire-elemental Oracle magic, in the form of enhancements for her Seers and other helpful mortals. Fwoom!
  • Dried leaves, pre-charged with windy magic. Crunch!
  • A backpack full of all the things mortals need to live, like trail mix and water and a blanket and magnesium cream. (Just trust her on that last one.) Nomph!
  • A brazier torch, made from the ruined remains of her vessel's claws. Shiny!


Ida Everstead-Rey: first amongst mortals
the methods of kindness
strength of active choice

Dean Stark: truth and conscience
what would you do?
thy endless fortitude

Seraph Lanval: coming to rest
this merry fool
wisdom of transgression

Seraph Ragnell: o dearest iconoclast
enemy of all filgaia!
on the matter of a mask

Seraph Nimue: akin to air
the chiming wood
o bitter pain!

Seraph Clarine: this subtle knife
alignment of truth
such darling protection

Seraph Harmaus: obscene blasphemer
he had a name!
how anger burns

Seraph Liath: ever stood aside
comfortable glove
recognised words

Seraph Yvain: salvation at the precipice
a second chance
a second hearth

Zed: o shining beacon!
ever brave
the weight of reformation

Kaguya: anonymous flowers
do not behold
whyfor these troubles?

Jacqueline Barber: stone in the river
strength of silk
a dozen coins

Cyre H. Lorentz: a heart in open air
keeper of baskar's precepts
rage against dying light

Catenna: a dozen precious lessons
owl's blessing
staying true

Lydia Seren: the cutting words
fell connection
bright as a star

Ethius Hesiod: o dark enigma
fathomless concern
men as island

Rebecca Streisand: tumble lock
the simple solution of logic
fierce caring

Avril Vent Fleur: this chill mystery
are you all right?
unyielding defence

Dash Caskett: cheerful automaton
defiance in blue
ever willing

Azoth: who always smiled
compelled to horror
a simple stone

Asgard: baffling subroutines
why do you love the fight?
i wish you no harm!

K.K.: the oncoming storm
enemy of all filgaia!
truth knows no allegiance

White Knight Leo: delving to save your people
blinders to look forward

Hilde: mirror unto me
restored to full
strength of titans

Hiro: it is abject
turning point
the good dragon

Gwen Whitlock: what lies beneath
delivering kindness
tragedy of hunger

Josephine Lovelace: disbelief
breaking bread
this hidden kindness

Marivel Armitage: time is a river and history repeats
you will not fall
we are kind monsters

Mariel: leaves fall to earth
o gentlest hand!
elder to ancients

Eleanor Klein: a heart of two minds
obligation and emotion
where the wind blows

Ivan: aaaaaaaah!
why are we yelling?!

Yuna: o strange inverse
such mortal things
for all the world

Rikku: clever hands
what do you say?
and pain wept

Tidus: perchance to scream
an honest man
he asked for her

Lulu: wisdom lies deep as burdens weigh
to speak freely
doth thine belts tighten?

Seymour: i wish not to know you
enemy of all who live
these unacceptable truths

Pearl: rip and tear
chosen of the waves
what path lies waiting?

Seraph Abilene: home is a shady tree
why doth fear strike like bells?
this bitter graduation

Moor Gault: o scouring flame!
this willing consumption
save me and i will save the world

Timu and Pani Guado: fire and ice
determination to heal
your own strength


  • She enjoys birdwatching, though she doesn't know the names of most of the birds.
  • Her other hobby is braiding vines and weaving branches, which is much easier these days. Ask her about basket-weaving or doing your hair!
  • If she ever uses archaic or formal language incorrectly, don't worry, it's just a translation error.
  • She borrows her voice from Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell fame, another character who uses an artificial body.


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