Neriah Parringer

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Neriah Parringer
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"See you on the Day of Darkness, sweeties."
IC Information
Full Name: Neriah Parringer
Gender: Female
Age (Birthdate): 18 (Nov. 29, 481)
Hometown: Badlands of Ignas
Hair Colour: Black
Class: Impetus of Valmar/Sinbringer
Role: Antagonist
Bounty: 20,000,000G
OOC Information
Theme: Original Character
Major Group: None
Minor Groups: Crucible
Player: User:Hats

Neriah Parringer is a professional excavator and drifter with a terrifying birthright. For most of her life she has lived with an immense font of dark power inside her, one bound by the Chains of Arius, a curse which caused her immense pain whenever the power was called forth. Now, however, she has broken her Chains and unbound the power within her - a power derived from Valmar, the long-gone God of Evil. Neriah herself is withdrawn and a little salty, but deeply lonely, prone to opening up to her friends and acquaintances with a little time, and to holding long affections for those who show her kindness and long, bitter vendettas against those who are less than pleasant to her. But as she shatters her chains and begins to explore the depths of the powers she has inherited as NUMBER EIGHT in her family's line, the traces of kindness within her are gradually beginning to vanish.


Neriah has not been especially forthcoming about her background.


Her known history begins when she appeared in Adlehyde not long before the Metal Demon attack and joined up with a group of Drifters delving into the most innocuous of dungeons: The Berry Cave.

Neriah's life since her appearance in Adlehyde can probably be titled "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Appearing at first to be any other excavator, Neriah quickly demonstrated the ability to manifest ludicrously powerful, barely-controlled negative energy at the cost of excruciating pain to herself, practically torturing herself in the process. Her ability quickly earned her the ire of some - notably Ethius Hesiod, who attacked her on several occasions as she attempted to manifest her powers.

A budding friendship with a Hellionized Virginia Maxwell gave Neriah needed insight into the nature of her powers. The Dreamer took Neriah on a dive into her own dreams - dreams she had never been able to truly explore before. It was there that Neriah came to understand that she was NUMBER EIGHT in a sequence of people - her mother being NUMBER SEVEN and her grandfather being NUMBER SIX - and that this was in some way related to her power - and in that understanding, and an understanding that the pain being caused to her was in some way related to fraying chains and the Death Guardian, Ge Ramtos, she gained a greater ability to tap into the darkness.

From then, Neriah found herself able to draw on her magic with somewhat less pain.

She promptly used it to try and murder Ethius.

The Chains of Arius

After passing into the no-man's-land between Aveh and Kislev, Neriah drifted aimlessly, working to try and better master her magic - and gaining both an appreciation for the power it allowed her to harness, and a fear of that same power.

Feeling herself adrift in the world and increasingly wary of her own power, Neriah traveled to the village of Wayside, where she was welcomed with open arms by the kind-hearted Riesenlied. There, Neriah sidelined her powers somewhat as she returned to her pre-deathpowers job as an excavator, helping Riesenlied and her friends dig into the aquifer beneath the town. However, a moment of exposure to Malevolence later that month caused her powers to run haywire, momentarily consuming her and transforming her into an effigy of darkness for just a few seconds - and it happened again a few months later as Neriah was exposed to the ambient horror energy radiating from the so-called Primarch of Muse. This time she transformed into the out-of-control form for a longer period, attempting to destroy everything in front of her.

Utterly ashamed of her transformation, Neriah withdrew from Wayside, in the process attempting to destroy one of the Guardian Statues as a favour to the Trial Knight, who had begun to guide her sporadically in encouraging her to use her powers. But it would again be the Primarch who would push Neriah farther: Again confronting it, Neriah once more transformed involuntarily as the darkness inside her overwhelmed her body and she flew off into the sky, landing in a village called Three Cucco Spring and slaughtering most of the inhabitants in a berserk rage.

In the days after the attack, Neriah was approached by the apparent demon-girl Millenia, who clearly shared something common with Neriah. The two experienced a bit of a spark of chemistry from that, and the meeting encouraged Neriah to begin working to gain control of her darkness so that what happened at Three Cucco Spring could never happen again. Through her connection with Millenia, she came to understand that her powers somehow came from Valmar, the currently-separated God of Evil. Aiding that process was a trip to the ruin called Ash Hare, where a chemical process helped Neriah gain insight into her past... by conjuring up the facsimile of a Shaman of Ge Ramtos she had never met before.

After training for a couple of months, Neriah felt she had gained the ability to keep her powers from going haywire, enabling her to wield them in a reduced, controlled fashion. She put these to the test during a major attack on Wayside.

Instead, Id brushed her abilities aside and punched her in the face hard enough that she nearly died. Lying mortally wounded in the streets of the burning village, Neriah did the only thing she could to survive: She drew on her powers completely and appealed to Valmar to save her. In that moment, the power of Valmar completely insinuated itself into her life essence and integrated into her soul directly.

Driven by negative emotions and dark impulses she'd barely been able to understand before, Neriah - rescued by Jacqueline Barber - soon left the care of the Waysiders and ventured to Lost July. There, in the Pleasing Garden, she sided with the Metal Demons to seek a last symbolic break with her old self: Attempting to smash the Statue of Ge Ramtos. While she failed, she exerted enough power at once to overwhelm the last vestiges of the Chains of Arius - the curse placed on her ancestors seven generations ago by a Death Shaman which would have killed any one of her predecessors the moment they tried to tap the darkness. With the curse broken, Neriah's body reabsorbed its entire font of Valmar energy - no longer overwhelmed by it, but now able to process and channel it - and she vanished.


On paper, Neriah kept a low profile on Lunar.

In practice, Neriah donned the guise of Sister Domitia, an abjuress in Althena's priesthood, and came to the capital of Rolance in an attempt to insert herself at court. At first the guise was a simple ruse intended to give Neriah a comfortable place to stay and a support structure to draw on. However, her plans rapidly broadened as she realized what kind of person Cardinal Runette Forton was - and as Neriah herself began to rapidly succumb to the urgings of her own inner darkness, unbound without the Chains of Arius and increasingly coaxing her towards greater and greater acts of evil.

Over the course of months, Neriah utilized her position as Domitia to earn Cardinal Forton's trust - and to gain access to disillusioned and disgruntled worshippers throughout the priesthood and the noblefolk of Rolance. Realizing she could now share aspects of her power, Neriah introduced these individuals to Valmar, beginning to form a nascent cult. Her realization that this was possible stemmed from a meeting with a mysterious madman of illusion; the interplay between their powers shattered reality and created the warped zone of Felkirk Village, corrupting a Statue of Althena in the process.

At Forton's coaxing, Neriah and a detachment of Rolance soldiers donned Hyland uniforms and descended on a refugee caravan fleeing the capture of Lastonbell. The group of false-flaggers slaughtered most of the women, children and elders in the caravan, then let the word trickle out, evoking negative emotions in the people of Rolance.

A failed attempt to destroy the Statue of Rigdobrite saw Neriah put her powers to use for the first time in a tearful confrontation with her friends. But the true confrontation was yet to come: Well aware that Forton was a Hellion, Neriah stood by and observed from a distance as a group of warriors (Ethius included) converged on Pendrago to kill her. She took advantage of the ensuing power vacuum to seize control of the Army of Rolance, by now with several of her own agents interspersed within it, and attempted to slaughter the remnants of Hyland's army. Only the interception of several heroic Drifters stymied her plans, exposing "Sister Domitia" as Neriah and blowing her cover completely.

An inquisition promptly began in Rolance to try and root out the Valmar cultists in the kingdom. Neriah was later declared "the Sinbringer" by the Church of Althena and is considered responsible for summoning the Clysmian Sin to destroy Azado.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power of Valmar: Neriah is capable of channeling an enormous font of dark magic, in some way derived from Valmar, the God of Evil. The source of this spell seems to be hereditary, and was for most of her life bound by a Shaman of Ge Ramtos's ancient death curse, known as the Chains of Arius - a curse which would attempt to kill her any time she drew upon the darkness. However, the curse was meant to last for seven generations - and Neriah is NUMBER EIGHT. The decay of the curse through the generations, and the lapsing of its term of effect, permitted the Chains of Arius to be broken. Even when bound by the Chains, Neriah's negative energy was immense but out of control, capable of consuming her and overwhelming her body while driving her to insanely destructive rampages. Now in full control of her powers (though not full understanding of how deep they run), she represents a dangerous enemy capable of battling entire armies at once and winning, and encounters with her are less about defeating her by strength of arms and more about surviving. On the downside, the power feeds her a steady stream of evil impulses, driving her into the service of Valmar - and she's drawn on it enough that she's no longer entirely sure she could stay alive if she were somehow exorcised.
  • The Claw of Valmar: Neriah absorbed this Part of Valmar following the loss of Tio from her nascent cult. The extent of its power is as yet unrealized, but she seems able to exert her will over it somehow.
  • Excavator's Lens: A simple eyepiece, a common tool used by Excavators across Filgaia. Neriah can use it to inspect things for treasure, helping her to uncover hidden secrets the naked eye might miss.
  • Chameleon Cloak: Neriah found this in a dungeon somewhere in western Ignas and managed to wrangle it away from another Drifter. The cloak shifts its colour to match the background she's standing against. Most often she'll use it to blend into the background in a fight so she can maneuver into an advantageous position and attack.
  • Dirty Little Identity Lies: Neriah tends to want to live two lives at once - the life of the evil servant of Valmar, but also the life of a nice girl with friends. As such, she will sometimes magically disguise her face and key features, assume a fake name and try to spend time with her old friends. She did this a little as Sister Domitia; on Filgaia she'll more often use the name Chiffon Corrack.
  • Marilyn: Neriah's trusty pistol, a glossy-looking pistol with a curious firing mechanism. Rather than a conventional hammer, there's a steam-powered firing coil buried inside, and it fires the bullets at a significantly higher penetrating power than a conventional revolver could, venting steam out the 'nostrils' behind the magazine in the process. The pistol currently resides in the top drawer of Neriah's nightstand, as she's come to rely on her magic and a large trident more and more.

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Editor's note: Most of these opinions are in some way crazy.

Neriah's little obsessions

  • Fei Fong Wong: "I didn't think that Fei would turn out to be the guy who punched me in the face. But I think in his own way he was trying to help me recognize the truth: I do have a destroyer nature, and the world is fit only for strong people. In that way, Fei and Id helped me to become the person I am today. And in some ways I hate that, because the path I'm on means that I can never be a normal person with normal friends. But in the end, it's the path I was born into. And in the end, Filgaia will be mine. And Fei did that. Thanks for making it happen, you facepunching split-personality guy who I kind of think I understand better now."
  • Isiris Shango'Ra: "I have absolutely no idea why I'm attracted to him. He's utterly mad, and keeping him in check is like trying to harness a tornado. But there's something about him I find endearingly dangerous, and he's one of the few people who can understand why I think the way I do. There are times when I want him to worship me. I hope he does. If I can hold his focus, anyway."
  • Jacqueline Barber: "Gosh, Jay is just the most precious pumpkin. I hate that I had to hurt her. I wanted to save her and let her be happy in a world with no assholes left in it. I would've killed everyone who so much as looked at her funny and we would've been great friends. And you know what really makes me feel awful? The fact that I know she still has such a nice heart. But it's OK if she decides she wants to fight me, because I know in her heart we're still friends! I want to make her so happy. I want to take her away to a happy place and hug her and love her and protect her and be with her always."
  • Riesenlied: "She really did turn out to be a saint in the end, didn't she? I don't like the thought of anyone torturing her like Mother was going to do, and I'm glad she has people around her who will support her. But what kills me is knowing that we're inevitably going to follow divergent paths. Riesenlied's path leads her to become this super-pure person, and mine leads me to bend Filgaia to my will. I hope I don't have to confront her. I hope I can find a way to protect her and sweep her away to a happy place where she'll never have to watch the world burn."
    • Mikaia: "I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person. I'm a horrible person."
  • Riley Arwell: "What. A. Muffin. I just want to squeeze him sometimes. Him and Xander always seem so cute and hapless to me. But he also kind of understands where I'm coming from. I see a lot of how I used to be in him. Ugh, I'm going to hate gobbling him up."
  • Skylr Paer: "I don't know why I feel like I want to protect her. Maybe it's because she's a cutie and she seems like she needs someone to bring out the strength in her. Maybe I just feel guilty because of what happened to her family. Either way, she makes me want to mother her."
  • Tio: "Eventually she's going to realize who her master really is. It annoys me to no end that I lost her to Lady Short-and-Sassy and her friends, but I have every intention of getting my precious T-Blue back - in her own time, of course. No rush."
  • Xander Lovell: "He's so sulky, but so precious. I really don't want to have to gobble him up. But so long as we're all here, I feel like he's one of the only people who understands where I'm coming from a little bit. I want to hug him and stroke his hair and make everything all better for him."

People who feed the sickness

  • Millenia: "I feel really drawn to her in this strangely magnetic way, even though she's really forward and keeps suggesting she wants to eat me.... But I think I'm starting to understand why now. Millenia... she and I really do share the same birthright, even if she seems to have a different "feel" than I do. We're peas in a pod - maybe even pieces. Together, I think we can do a lot of great things. And if she decides to get in my face about it, I'll consume her too."
  • Erzebet Lefanu: "She's got sass and she's got style and she's a lot smarter than I am, really. But I find her charming, regardless of what Ragnell thinks about her. I'm disappointed that she threw in with Rhadamanthus, but I wish her luck in her affairs."
  • K.K.: "The Trial Knight is overdrawn on favours at this point. I like them, but I wasn't pleased with the trick they pulled at Raftina's temple. If anyone is going to burn down Filgaia, it's me, and I'm not going to do it by playing stupid tricks with the Guardians. I can see the day coming when I'm going to have to dunk on this person, and, y'know... I won't relish it? But I won't let even friends intervene in my plans."
  • Kamui: "Ugh, what a cutie patootie...."
  • Seraph Ragnell: "Okay, maybe she's not the dead, but she's still a pretty interesting person, and kind of sly and witty, which I really like. Ragnell... she really helped me learn a lot about myself. I'm grateful to her for coming with me, and for helping me learn the ropes of things when I was on Lunar. She's lucky she's cute after that stunt with the Guardians, though."
  • Rosaline Calice: "I'm a bit sad that Rosaline stopped being a Hellion; I felt like she was making a lot of progress towards embracing her feelings and understanding that it's alright to feel hurt or hateful. Maybe she learned those lessons when she was moving down the dark path. I guess I'll just have to make sure she doesn't become too saintly, with all that Etone stuff she's into. Granas doesn't deserve a follower as pretty and fun as Rosaline, and she deserves better than to be full of doubt and fear."
  • Virginia Maxwell: "If it weren't for Virginia's help, I would still be bound by the Chains of Arius. She's the one who made all this possible. She helped me to understand that I am NUMBER EIGHT and that what was holding me back was something else. I wonder if she knows how important she is to me...."

People who aren't on The List

  • Ambrosius: "He seems like a pretty okay guy for someone who's supposedly a crazy space alien. I wonder if his planet's made of cheese. He was incredibly helpful when I needed someone to back me up, though. What a dedicated guy."
  • Emma Hetfield: "I instantly feel stupid when she walks into a room."
  • Elvis: "He's an interesting person but I feel like he's becoming one of those people who thinks I'm just a constant side-switcher. I think it's just that his agenda is inscrutable and my agenda requires me to hold allegiances that don't fit his perception. Either way, he turned out to be not all bad, but I hope he doesn't get in my way."
  • Eryon Rast: "Aww, what a cutie! And he's got a cool title, too! I wish I could be a Dark Dungeon Master. I can tell he's trying really hard, though, and I like that he is. That's what's so great about him."
  • Iskandra Grendorre: "She's kind of a butthead sometimes, but then, I hate most people in Filgaia too, so, whatever, let's be buttheads. At least she seems cool."
  • Ivan: "Yes please. He's handsome and brooding, yet also kind of shy. I want to take him home."
  • Layna Manydays: "Where's she from? She seems like she's from a time long past... but I'm glad she stood up for me. It's nice."
  • Lily Keil: "It's nice that someone out there doesn't expect me to be a cackling bundle of evil monologues. Though with some of those spells, I wonder if she's just as horrible as me in her heart? That's kind of appealing and I wanna meet her."
  • Lydia Seren: "She should've left me in Astie Jail back in the day, but on balance, I don't mind her at all. After all, we're Ginny buddies, right? Or I guess we were Ginny buddies. Honestly I can see why people like her so much."
  • Malfi: "She's really nice and kind of elegant. I know people bag on the Metal Demons, but I like her a lot better than most humans, that's for sure. I wonder what she'll do now that Mother's dead."
  • Morgan Newkirk: "He's handsome and he was definitely coming on to me... before he got to know me, anyway. I regretted having to hurt him and his friends back there at the Pleasing Garden. I wonder if that'll change how he feels about me. I hope not."
  • Sephilia Lampbright: "SHE'S SO CUTE I WANNA PINCH HER WIDDLE CHEEKS but she'd probably be really offended if I said so? Plus I think I scare her, which sucks. Still A+ would get punched by Chauncey again."

People on the fence but who might be OK

  • Elena: "She's one of those Granas nuns, isn't she? She always seems to be on edge around me. But then, I would be too...."
  • Kittybeard: "I thought the Lord of Calamity would be more murder-y at me given what went down. I don't really want to get into a turf war with this guy - I'm pretty sure I can beat most people, but him I'm not sure about - but if nothing else he put some ideas in my head that are interesting. Other than the purple haze, I mean."
  • Siegfried: "I don't think he respects me much - or any human - but that doesn't matter. Our objectives intersect sometimes. I was glad I could help him go after the Statue of Ge Ramtos... glad he accepted my help."

The List

  • Cassidy Cain: "She's sassy and doesn't seem to take anything seriously. People like that irritate me, especially when the one they're mocking is me. Even if she does have style, I don't think we'll ever be anything but enemies."
  • Cecilia Adlehyde: "She seems like she might actually have a sympathetic bone or two in her body. Too bad I'm gonna probably kill her gods. Ah well. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few Guardians."
  • Cyre H. Lorentz: "Pinching my butt is not OK!"
  • Ethius Hesiod: "I am going to kill him. I am going to kill him and I am going to rip his soul out and stuff it into a little doll and play with it always. Show him how it feels to be helpless when someone bigger and stronger than you thinks you're subhuman. I won't be happy until I hear him cry and wail and scream and hurt and die."
  • Fenrir: "Oh, please. Glare away. I don't mind. Ha. Ha. Ha."
  • Josephine Lovelace: "It must be easy to lecture people when you're normal. But she won't be doing much lecturing if I run across her again."
  • Jude Moshe: "Another flippant person who doesn't take me seriously, even knowing what I can do."
  • Lunata Croze: "So even Lunie's turned against me now, huh? I should've expected it. She's turned out to be another slave to the whims of the Death Guardian. If she's going to stand between me and Jay, she'll suffer. I'll feel bad about it, though. Maybe."
  • Margaret: "I'll teach you to short me on tips, even if that cigarette holder thing is awesome."
  • Marivel Armitage: "So it seems this one had some sort of past relationship with NUMBER ONE. Interesting. I'm living out another little chapter in the past life he left for me. Ah well. She's sassy but powerful. But it won't matter in the end. I've got the cards."
  • Matilda Whitehead: ""I used to really like Matilda, until she decided I deserve to be summarily executed. That hurt. She seemed like she was an OK person but she turned out to be someone awful, just like most other people in my life."
  • Mihaya: "I mean, I don't know her? But she sure is cute. But she also keeps shouting about how evil I am and setting me on fire. Or on ice. Or on lightning...? Why does everyone want to do that to me? All I want to to is kill her goddess and take over the world. Sounds like she's got some growing up to do."
  • Noeline: "Why does she have to be so sassy? If Riese didn't like her so much, I'd definitely Ethius her."
  • Thomas the Medical Student: "I'd prefer this guy as a corpse. Possibly several pieces of one."
  • Rose: "I used to like her. She's just another one like all the rest. Another one who just takes one look at me and throws me under the cart. Go figure."
  • Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus: "An old fool who takes halfway measures. A man who thinks he's going to save the world when the world is beyond saving. I'm amazed that someone so nihilistic can be so utterly naive."


  • Runette Forton: "I knew she was up to something pretty quickly. I only wish that I'd taken the opportunity to replace her sooner. If I hadn't had to rush so much, I could've avoided having to fight all those Drifters and expose myself. That said, she wasn't an awful sort. Zealous. But not awful."
  • Yarobeleedt: "Mr. Garbles, no. How could everyone just cruelly kill him? It's like nobody could see how vulnerable and scared he was or how much he believed in Mother. He was such a cutie and now he's just gone. I'm gonna miss my cute Garblebuddy."
  • Zera Innocentius: "I don't bend the knee. Enjoy hell, old man."

The Cult of Valmar

Filgaia Branch

  • Neriah's orphan collection: "...Why are you all looking at me like that?"
    • Evie: "If I'm being honest with myself, I'm too terrible a person for Mikaia and Riese... but I can avoid making the same mistakes with Evie. Maybe if I love her the way she deserves to be loved, I'll feel better, too. I just... I just want to love somebody."
    • Annie, Michel and Lyric: "I'll care for them the way they deserve to be cared for. Better, in fact."
  • Yvain de Malville: "I've never had a seneschal before. It's kind of a nice feeling."
  • Svetlana: "Svetlana trusted me from the beginning. I'm glad she ended up on Lunar and stuck with me."
  • Johnny Breaksteel: "Sometimes outlaws run afoul of the law because they're troubled. But faith is a path back to power."
  • Lispeln and Rosh: "Mother treated them poorly. I don't think the word 'Tainted' applies to them. They've seen that they can be powerful without being the kind of saint that Riesenlied is. I'll show them the way."

Lunar Branch

  • Malvain Oaks: "My best soldier. My bravest follower. If only Althena had done better by him."
  • Trent, Severn and Rideau: "Thank Valmar these three didn't get caught up in the Inquisition. Between the bunch of them, I'm sure my little group on Lunar will hang in there until I get back. If I get back."

Neriah's Soundtrack

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